GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project (June 19, 2019): The music of DUKE ELLINGTON

The Project continues with DUKE ELLINGTON: On the Road in Carrolltown, Pa (1957) and at the BAL MASQUE, Miami (1958).


Duke Ellington and the great musicians in his band made their living “on the road,” traveling from place to place across the country, fulfilling concert obligations and “dance gig” contracts. The latter happened one miraculous June night in 1957, 200 miles west of Philadelphia in Carrolltown, Pennsylvania. Someone had arranged for a stereo tape recording to be made as the band played and the people danced, socialized and listened to the music. And it was MARVELOUS! Duke and company were in top form, loose and flying, and we will hear the miracle on long out-of-print vinyl.


One year later the group, now called the “orchestra” by Duke, were at a swank Miami nightclub, the BAL MASQUE. Inspired by the room's masquerade décor, Duke fashioned his own musical masquerade of 12 couples (Alice & the Wolf, an Angel & Satan, a butterfly & a peanut vendor etc). The band was in top form, and dressed in disguise. We will hear a rare vinyl live recording of this unique musical evening.


The event is free (from 7 to 8 pm); dessert & tea will be served.


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