GERM on ZOOM: Sept 8, 2021

What do we hear at the Golden Era Recorded Music project? Simply ALL MUSIC recorded on Planet Earth from 1948 to 1988! Join the Journey via ANALOG LP.


Tonight we start out in the FLORIDA KEYS with JIMMY BUFFETT and 2 of his chart buster songs. Then it's on to GREAT BRITAIN during WWII and VERA LYNN boosting morale and hope.


The VINYL VAULT has washed to the beach 2 DAVE BRUBECK treasures: a 1954 LP of his own piano compositions and a late 1960's album of his take on COLE PORTER. BONUS: A stunning essay on the 3 levels of jazz creation. Don't miss this one!


DUKE ELLINGTON loved the old steam engine trains and he wrote a mini concerto for STEAM ENGINE in 1958. We will hear it and then on to a bit of the 19 year old MAHLER and his SONG OF LAMENT. Tuneful, tragic, amazing.


We send out a link for the Zoom meeting every Wednesday by email! Please contact us and let us know if you'd like to be added to the mailing list.


See you all at 7 pm TONIGHT!

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