The Fibhorn Model 4

Model 4a

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The 4a is a bookshelf model capable of  filling even larger rooms with a realistic sound that belies its compact size. 


The 3 essential ingredients of every FIBHORN are included within its compact cabinet: a single full range 4” driver, a 4 part horn to equalize and amplify the back wave from this driver, and the patented EnABL distortion lowering system applied around the front panel vent.


The unique appearance features a soft slate blue with black satin driver mounting baffles and oiled Douglas Fir bass coupling trim.


We offer you a choice of 3 excellent drivers in the Model 4a:


  • TANG BAND W4-1320SJ (standard)
  • FOSTEX FE126En (extra cost) 
  • AUDIO NIRVANA Super 4” (extra cost)



The Total System sensitivity (cabinet with driver) is:


  • TANG BAND 92 db
  • FOSTEX 96 db



The FOSTEX option is recommended for SE tube amplifiers.


An extra-cost option is the FULL EnABL PROCESS for the driver cones, with AERODYNAMIC shaping of the driver back side. This astonishing modification is explained on our About page and is worth EVERY PENNY!


Another option: Grille covers that conceal the driver cones with acoustically transparent black fabric.


All 6 colors for the Model 2 are also available for the Model 4a: BEE YELLOW, RAGE RED, OCEAN BLUE, KERMIT GREEN, FAIRY PINK or STEALTH SILVER.


Contact us for more OPTION information.


The price includes shipping to the continental USA. Alaska, Hawaii and foreign countries require a shipping surcharge.


You may return the speakers within 14 days for a FULL purchase price refund if you are not 100% satisfied. (You pay only the cost of return postage.)



  • SIZE: 10.5"w x 8.5"d x 12.75"h
  • WEIGHT: 12 lbs
  • MATERIAL: .5" MDF, painted. Oiled solid walnut trim.
  • DRIVER: TANG BAND W4-1320SJF (4") (see above for other options)
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 35-20,000 hz
  • SENSITIVITY: 89 db (driver), 92 db (total system)
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm




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Model 4aEn

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This is the ultimate refinement of the Model 4a FIBHORN. The front panels are 1" hand-selected panels of rare SPALTED MAPLE from Northern New York State forests. The driver is the high-sensitivity FOSTEX FE126En with the full EnABL process in RICH IRIDESCENT GOLD. The rear structure of each driver has been AERODYNAMICALLY ENHANCED for perfect equalization of the back wave through the FIBONACCI SEQUENCED horn chambers. The result is stunningly realistic musical reproduction.



  • SIZE: 10.5w x 8.5d x 12.75h
  • WEIGHT: 12 lbs
  • MATERIAL: .5" MDF, painted. Spalted Maple front panel.
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 35-20,000 hz
  • SENSITIVITY: 93 db
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm





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  • Custom built item ships within 3 weeks1