The Fibhorn Model 6c

Model 6c

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The Model 6c FIBHORN may be the WORLD'S BEST under $600/pair speaker. It has the combination of 3 design features that make every one of our designs unique: a  full-range SINGLE DRIVER for seamless musical clarity, a FIBONACCI sequenced horn cabinet for totally accurate reproduction and the U. S. Patented EnABL process for vanishingly low distortion. You will hear the NATURAL SOUND & SPACE of the original recording session for the first time with each record you play.


The Model 6c has a larger driver and cabinet than the Model 2b, our candidate for the WORLD'S BEST under $400 speaker pair. We use the superb TANG BAND W4-1320SJ 4" driver for its excellent sonic characteristics, including the deepest and most accurate bass response we have ever heard from a driver of this size. (We also build the 6c with the FOSTEX FE103En driver, as pictured with the cream color cabinet front panel.)


The easy-to-install ISOLATION SPIKES further enhance the unequalled value of the 6c by eliminating micro-vibrations. This feature adds to the realism of every record that you play.


NOTE: Our shipping cost is for delivery to WEST COAT addresses; if you live closer, we will refund the savings to you via PAYPAL.




  • DIMENSIONS: 5.5"w x 19"h x 8.25"d
  • WEIGHT: 11.5 lbs ea
  • CONSTRUCTION: 3 Fibonacci calibrated chambers, multiple walls create internal cabinet rigidity
  • FINISH: Brushed BLACK SATIN, 5 sides. Brushed SLATE GREY/BLACK front panel
  • EnABL PROCESS: Applied to driver cones, around driver frame and Fibonacci vent.
  • FREQ. RESPONSE: 38-22,000 hz
  • BASS RESPONSE: (determined by the NORDOST BASS CALIBRATION system) Faint response starts at 33 hz, partial true 33 hz, with harmonic frequency doubling. Similar but louder at 36 hz, full true response at 42-45 hz.
  • SENSITIVITY: 92 db, total system
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • WIRE TERMINAL: audiophile banana plug accepting
  • ISOLATION SPIKES: 3 per cabinet, user installed
  • SHIPPING BOX: 18" x 18" x 24"



SHIPPING: $95 to WEST COAST, shorter distances will receive a PAYPAL credit refund. Other countries, Alaska & Hawaii: Please contact us for fee.


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