A Clear Window on the Music

FIBHORN SPEAKERS are designed, built and shipped world-wide in Glens Falls, New York, USA. Every speaker we build employs our unique 3-PART TECHNOLOGY:

  • A SINGLE FULL RANGE DRIVER of the highest quality.
  • A TOTALLY FIBONACCI proportioned internal horn for equalizing, amplifying and projecting the driver back wave.
  • An application of the U. S. PATENTED EnABL system for standing wave distortion suppression.

We know of no other builder who combines these 3 vital design elements in their speaker offerings. All who come to our LISTENING PLACE here in Glens Falls are amazed by the realism of the music heard through our FIBHORNS. Most gratifying are the folks who are NOT audiophiles but merely intelligent concert-goers: “It sounds like the musicians are in the room.”


The LISTENING PLACE (153 Maple Street, Glens Falls) is our acoustically excellent showroom where you can hear our speakers in a comfortable, relaxed ambiance. You may bring your own recordings to play on one of our four high performance systems, or you may shop in our VINYL VAULT of rare and collectible LPs.


AND you may attend our Golden Era Recorded Music project (GERM) every Wednesday from 7 to 8pm via ZOOM. We explore together the ENTIRE world of analog recordings on LP from 1948 to 1988. ALWAYS NEW FRONTIERS TO CROSS! Gamelon from Indonesia to skiffle in London, and EVERYTHING in between!