A Clear Window on the Music

FIBHORN SPEAKERS are unique. There is no other company that builds cabinets like ours. We have discovered that a TOTALLY FIBONACCI sequenced back-wave horn like we build into all of our cabinets will produce a wonderful natural and realistic sound from a typical full-range driver. We have compared the performance of THE SAME DRIVER mounted in optimally proportioned conventional cabinets to our speaker in blind "A"-"B" test groups and EVERY TIME our FIBHORN cabinet was judged to be superior. 


The stunning realism that our speakers are able to produce is enhanced by two other important features that we apply to our cabinets:

  1. High-performance FULL RANGE SINGLE DRIVERS.
  2. Extensive application of the distortion-lowering 1991 U. S. Patented EnABL system.

We are the ONLY company that builds speakers in this way. Hear them and be amazed.


We have 5 models priced below $1000/pair and each one is guaranteed to be the best available at the price.


Explore our history, our design, recommended components and special listening events, including our GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project . . . . available to you via ZOOM!