A Clear Window on the Music

I am Sally Strasser, designer of FIBHORN SPEAKERS. To my knowledge, there is no other speaker company that uses our combination of acoustic features. Each of my speaker models has been tweaked and refined to give you the most natural sound from LPs, CDs and tapes; they have been critically auditioned with the finest ACOUSTIC instrument and voice recordings. Only after our golden-ear listening panel achieves consensus on a speaker’s high performance do we offer it for sale.

We use no crossover or loudness compensation electronics. There are no multi driver configurations. One superb driver provides the entire sound spectrum, housed in a hand-crafted cabinet with a horn for the driver back wave that expands in strict conformity to the Fibonacci number sequence. . . exactly like all music on planet Earth.

Our lowest price models 0, 2a, and 2b are built with the same devotion to precision as our more complex configurations, models 4, 7, 9 and 3.

Please explore our website for more information, and explore the highways and byways of the esoteric art and science that make elegant, realistic and soul-satisfying music reproduction possible.

JOIN my GERM (Golden Era Recorded Music) project! I play LP RECORDS live through FIBHORN SPEAKERS and broadcast the sound via ZOOM every WEDNESDAY from 7 to 8 pm. The music comes through ZOOM surprisingly well! I play every type of music, from all over the world.


Hearing the familiar & the unfamiliar is the GERM essence! Send me your email and you are in!