A Clear Window on the Music

 Imagine a CLEAR WINDOW ON YOUR MUSIC. Nothing added, nothing subtracted, just the musicians in your room. 


This was the goal of WESTERN ELECTRIC in 1918 when that company initiated the first scientific analysis of the physics of musical sound and the engineering for making natural sounding recordings.


The analysis of how musical energy creates sound waves that must be carefully recorded according to their intrinsic nature and made again into sound waves at another time and place with complete fidelity is the great achievement of Western Electric’s Research Laboratory.


We have been inspired by this research that is, sadly, overlooked or ignored by many speaker designers. Our FIBHORN Model 3a cabinets were designed in full compliance with these breakthrough concepts with cost as no object. You will be astonished at their effortless musical clarity every time you play them.


Our very next FIBHORN design was the desktop and small room Model 2, using much of what we had put into the 3a but with budget limitations in mind.


We offer several models at mid-range price points as well, all built on the same design philosophy.


  1. If you have never heard a great FULL RANGE SINGLE DRIVER playing your favorite records .   .   .   .
  2. If you have never heard a great full range single driver in a cabinet with a FULLY FIBONACCI CALIBRATED horn (compression driven) for the back wave.   .   .   .
  3. If you have never heard a speaker system using the U.S. Patented EnABL technology to its fullest potential.   .   .   .




Visit our acoustically perfect showroom at 153 Maple Street, Glens Falls, New York and hear our Model 3a and other FIBHORN designs. Amplification  is by very economical all-tube units, or by exquisite 300b, 10, 45, 2a3 & 50 tube single-end amplifiers. Special cables, speaker wire, turntables and cartridges will surely pique your interest. You can also shop for rare and collectible LP records from our VINYL STASH!


You are also invited to join our GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project each Wednesday evening from 7 to 8 pm EST, via ZOOM. We play actual worldwide vinyl from 1948 to 1988. It's LIVE, it's FUN and it's open to ALL! Just send us your email address and you are in!