A Clear Window on the Music

FIBHORN SPEAKERS are designed to reproduce recorded sound with the highest accuracy. Every time you turn them on, the music will unfold before you with astonishing realism. We offer seven models to fulfill every musical need of home and office.


FIBHORN SPEAKERS give you a clear window on the music. Our speakers range in price from $199 to $3779 per pair, from our high-quality affordable desktop Model 2 to our flagship floor-standing Model 3. With each increase in cost, you will hear even more detail in the sound of the music and the ambient space in which the recording was made. 


We hope you’ll take some time to browse the various models in our Products catalog to see which FIBHORN is right for you.


To learn more about the theory and design of FIBHORN speakers, the only Fibonacci speaker, please visit our About page!


Join us Wednesday evenings from 7-8 PM for our GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC program, a weekly listening event at THE LISTENING PLACE in Glens Falls, NY! For more about the G.E.R.M. Project, please see our Listening Events page. You can also follow our News Blog for the weekly G.E.R.M. selections, and other news and events.


Looking for the perfect recorded musical accompaniment to your party or event? FIBHORN offers Retro Music Catering, bringing you entertainment of supreme elegance on classic vinyl with unparalleled sound. Click the link to learn more!


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