A Clear Window on the Music

All of our designs will give you natural & realistic music. Each step up in price means an increase in sonic detail, culminating with our Model 3.

Model 2 & 2a Fibhorn Speakers

Desktop and small room speakers.

$199 - $699

Model 6a Fibhorn Speakers

Our best value for floor-standing or bookshelf design.


Model 4a & 4aEn Fibhorn Speakers

Highest performance bookshelf speakers.

$599 - 1199


Model 9 Fibhorn Speakers

A floor-standing speaker with a unique beauty. FIBHORN Natural Sound in abundance!


Model 3 Fibhorn Speakers

Our flagship floor-standing speaker. Delicate detail with tremendous power.


Model 7 Fibhorn Speakers

A slim tower design for no-compromise performance in restricted spaces.

Coming soon! 



Model 8 Fibhorn Speakers

Coming soon!