Setting Up Your Fibhorn Speakers


Recommended amplifiers for use with any Fibhorn speaker model:

Wire to Your Amplifier

Please use a HIGH QUALITY speaker wire or cable between your speakers and amplifier. We can supply you with very reasonably priced multi-strand HIGH PURITY COPPER (16 gauge) wire with BANANA PLUG connectors. A slightly more expensive multi-strand HIGH-PURITY SILVER COATED COPPER (14 gauge) wire is also available. CONTACT US with your length requirements and we will give you a price.


(All FIBHORN speakers have banana plug wire connection posts. If your amplifier does not accept banana plugs we can supply other connectors or

plain tinned wire ends.)


Desktop Installation

Model 2


It can be used in very small bookshelf systems, or as a desk-top speaker pair. We can provide you with very high-quality connection wire as described. If you need an amplifier. any of the models described below are excellent choices, depending on your budget.


Bookshelf Installation

Models 2, 2b, 4b and 4c


These speakers should ideally be placed on shelves at the same height from the floor and with the speaker cabinet projecting about 1 inch out from the plane of the shelf unit. Models 2b, 4b & 4c are sold in MIRROR IMAGE matched pairs; they should be placed so that the drivers are on the INSIDE of the array.


All of these Models (except 2) will sound substantially more realistic with the supplied ISOLATION SPIKES installed. You may use the supplied metal disks to protect your shelf surfaces.


(Models 6c and 8, at about 21" tall, will not fit in most bookshelves, but if installed on open COUNTERTOPS, please follow these guidelines)

Floorstanding Installation: Small Size

Models 2b, 4b, & 4c


Stands are required to convert these bookshelf designs to floor installation. We build custom stands for each Model. Please contact us for details.


Guidelines for using your own stands: 18" to 24" is the ideal range of stand height. Try to place the speakers 2' to 3' from the back wall and 4' to 8' apart, and at least 3' from the side walls.

Floorstanding Installation: Medium Size

Models 6c & 8


These two designs (at about 21" height) can be installed directly on floors, using the same dimensional layout as for 2b, 4b & 4c (with stands) described above. Short stands (8" height or less) can also be used. Please use the supplied ISOLATION SPIKES for maximum performance in all set-up modes.

Floorstanding Installation: Large Size

Models 7, 9 & 3a.


These 3 models are STRICTLY FOR FLOOR INSTALLATION. Please keep them a MINIMUM of 2' (more is better) from the back wall and 4' to 10' apart. IF you must choose between spacing left & right speakers, or distance from the side walls for each speaker, we suggest placing the speakers closer together and maintaining at least 3' to the side walls.


In all speaker set-up rituals, YOU are the ultimate arbiter. As Duke Ellington famously said, "If it sounds good, it IS good."