Setting Up Your Fibhorn Speakers

Models 2, 2a & 2aEn

These desktop and small room speakers will reveal the TRUE NATURE of your amplifier and signal sources because they are very accurate.

The electronics of your audio system should be of the highest possible quality, whether you listen to LPs, CDs, or streaming audio. 


If you are shopping for a new amplifier, two high-quality yet economical  amplifiers that we recommend are:


  • QINPU Q3 (5 watts per channel)
  • QINPU A-6500 (16 watts per channel)


Both of these amplifiers are fine musical performers at a very low cost. The Q3 will play any FIBHORN speaker pair to moderate volume, while the A-6500 will play at loud levels before clipping. The TEMPO ELECTRIC and DECWARE models linked at the end of this section are more costly, very high performance models that will give you the absolute best sound.


Your Model 2, 2a or 2aEn FIBHORNS all have the same footprint; they will fit neatly at the corners of your desk. You can also install them on bookshelves for small room listening.


We can supply hook-up wire and audio cables for any equipment combination. Do not hesitate to contact us with any installation questions!

Models 6a & 6aEn

The Model 6a speakers are the next step up in performance from our Model 2 selections, and they are designed for counter top, bookshelf and floor standing installation (Model 6aEn). Floor standing installations will potentially give you the best performance, and the Model 6aEn is designed to maximize this advantage with the special stands included with your purchase. The farther you can place your pair of 6aEn speakers from the back wall, the more amazingly detailed and realistic the performance with good analog recordings will be: we recommend 5-6 feet, if possible, and 6-8 feet apart.


The REAR TILT that the stands of Model 6aEn produce has an intended acoustic effect: beaming the cone of driver signal at an UPWARD angle mitigates the damping effect of carpets, stuffed chairs and other domestic artifacts of living/listening rooms. Instead, a greater portion of the acoustic energy is directed towards the flat ceiling and then reflected to all corners of the room. This produces a heightened sense of presence and realism to the music, at all listening positions.

Models 4a & 4aEn

These two bookshelf models are designed as close as possible to a cube shape, while still containing a 4-chamber horn for very high detail presentation. Shelf installation rarely allows the full potential of any speaker to develop, but real life living requirements often leave the music lover with no other option. That is why we offer the 4a models as speakers that will maximize your audio listening with a shelf speaker installation.

Model 8

The Model 8, with its stand for floor installation, raises the driver cone to a height for ideal energy propagation in most listening rooms. The same placement parameters as given for Model 6aEn apply also to the 8: 5-6 feet from the back wall and 6-8 feet apart is ideal. A slight "toe-in" is often desirable, as is a slight rearward tilt (we include hardwood spacers so you can experiment with this effect).

Model 7

The Model 7 is a slim "tower" design in 2 parts for tight space set-ups where a very small foot print is required, without sonic compromise. It can, of course, be installed in the classic audio listening position: 5-6 feet from the back wall, 6-8 feet apart. Its unique and elegant beauty will look stunning in this arrangement. A slight "toe-in" will often produce positive acoustic benefits. No rearward tilt is necessary because of the driver height above the floor.

Model 9

The Model 9, with its stand, is also ideally installed in the same "classic" position as 6aEn and 8: 5-6 feet from the back wall, 6-8 feet apart. As with the 8, a slight "toe-in" may increase the realism, as might a slight rearward tilt with the included hardwood shims.

Model 3

The Model 3 is by far the largest and heaviest speaker that we make; it encloses our best 6-chamber Fibonacci horn for the 8" driver. Because of its size (and 18" depth), it will give a level of performance that is more realistic than any of our other designs (as good as they are!) WHEN INSTALLED CLOSE TO THE BACK WALL. Nonetheless, for the absolute pinnacle of sound field presentation they should be in the classic position, 5-6 feet from the back wall and 6-8 feet apart. This obviously means you must be prepared to cede a substantial area of your domestic real estate to the sound system.

All Models

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: IF your living situation does not allow you to install your Models 6aEn, 7, 8, 9 or 3 in the "Classic" installation described above, you will still obtain the best possible performance at positions closer to the back wall with FIBHORNS than from less sophisticated speakers.



Recommended new amplifiers for any FIBHORN speaker pair: