GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project (September 11, 2019): The World's Greatest Classical Music Festival

THE WORLD'S GREATEST CLASSICAL MUSIC FESTIVAL: the LONDON HENRY WOOD PROMENADE CONCERTS! All NINE WEEKS of concerts are broadcast world-wide by the BBC. The audiences are huge, the music is of the highest calibre and the whole series culminates with the LAST NIGHT at the PROMS: this year on Saturday, September 14. Standing room only in ROYAL ALBERT HALL! The traditional "prommers" bring noisemakers and their lusty cheering voices to a unique program of symphonic and vocal pieces. STEVE SULLIVAN will host a fabulous live vinyl LP of the famous 1972 LAST NIGHT!


FIBHORN GALLERY, 21 Thomson Ave, Glens Falls. 7-8 pm.


The event is free and open to the public. Tea and refreshments will be served.

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