GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project (Oct 2, 2019): Five Great Guitarists

Wednesday (tomorrow) the Golden Era Recorded Music project will present for our listening selections from superb LP recordings of 5 great guitarists. LES PAUL and CHET ATKINS perform together on a stunning RCA LP.


Les Paul is a legend among guitar enthusiasts, not only for his musicality but for his very original playing technique and innovations. Chet Atkins was a hugely popular performer, largely on the country stage and this record shows him to perfection. ERIC CLAPTON is one of the leaders of the British Invasion, and we will be sampling from his 5 LP collection. JOHN WILLIAMS and JULIAN BREAM are masters from the classical guitar tradition and they will complete the roster.


The listening is from 7 to 8 pm, FIBHORN GALLERY, 21 Thomson Ave, GF. Refreshments served, free and open to the public.


You will also be hearing our newly upgraded and tweaked PHONO system, including an unusual and daring successor to the wonderful vintage vacuum tube line stage that was on loan from a friend. PLUS a new version of our very best speaker has just been completed and is now ready for listening. Come and enjoy!

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