GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project (Nov 13, 2019): The Vanished Chest of Viols

The GERM project for this week is the MYSTERY STORY about the VANISHED CHEST of VIOLS. The entire family of viols disappeared in the late 18th century with the development of the more versatile and powerful violin family of bowed string instruments. Larger concert halls and new compositional techniques demanded a louder, more powerful range of musical tones and the soft, silvery sounding viols just could not fill the bill. So they vanished. But for much of the 18th century, a CHEST OF VIOLS was a required feature of wealthy homes in New England and the Old Country to provide a culture of musical entertainment for educated families.


BUT they are back! Recent revivals of music by 17th & 18th century composers on ORIGINAL VIOL INSTRUMENTS (and modern versions) have brought the haunting, delicate and uniquely beautiful sounds of the viol family back to planet earth. We will be hearing several rare and out-of-print vinyl records with music by the early composers for the instruments, including the elusive master LE SIEUR de SAINTE-COLOMBE (subject of the beautiful film ALL THE MORNINGS OF THE WORLD from a few years ago.)


WEDNESDAY, Nov 13, 7-8 pm at the FIBHORN GALLERY, 21 Thomson Avenue, Glens Falls. Tea, coffee and comestibles. free.

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