GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project (Nov 27, 2019): Two Great Band Leaders & More

For this first Wednesday GERM presentation of the HOLIDAY SEASON, we will be hearing a 1-hour program of pure joy: Count Basie, Billy Strayhorn & Duke Ellington on vinyl. We will hear the different styles of two great band leaders plus the great man in the background, BILLY STRAYHORN. Discovered by chance in Pittsburgh circa 1942, Billy was soon hired to work with Ellington and apply his enormous compositional abilities to the band's music. He gave it a new subtlety and elegance that made every concert an exciting and surprising event. We will hear a stunning example of  ELLINGTON & STRAYHORN music making with extended versions of classic compositions from 1951 on brand-new gorgeous vinyl. AND Billy's last composition from the memorial album ". . . . AND HIS MOTHER CALLED HIM BILL."


COUNT BASIE and his very different artistry at its  late-style best will be heard on super MUSICAL HERITAGE SOCIETY vinyl.


A late addition to the roster is Louie (Satchmo) thrilling European audiences in his 1955 tour, with a very surprising historical insight by Steve.


I have finally finished the many-week process of rebuilding my best speaker, now the Model 3a; it  is my pleasure to play it for you as the vehicle to bring this great music to life.


See you tonight! 21 THOMSON AVE, Glens Falls, THE LISTENING PLACE (new name for my gallery), 7-8 pm. Goodies and tea, free!

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