GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC project (Dec 4, 2019): A Rare Recording of Ravi Shankar

Tonight's Golden Era Recorded Music program will focus on a rare and long out-of-print LP recording by RAVI SHANKAR.   .   .   . his astonishing SITAR CONCERTO with the LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA conducted by ANDRE PREVIN. Ravi Shankar came out of

the great flowering of international musical geniuses  on LP during the 1960s and he brought love and understanding (at least in a rudimentary sense) of Indian music to the Western world with his many concerts and record releases in Europe and the USA. His two EAST MEETS WEST LPs with YEHUDI MENUHIN (representing the West) were best selling Classical records, and were the subject of an earlier GERM presentation.


Blending INDIAN MUSIC, and its emphasis on melody and almost total disregard for harmony with Western classical music and its preoccupation with the tonal harmonic system seems a bit like writing a waltz for a giraffe and a whale, but Ravi pulls it off! Don't miss this one-hour show of music like you have never heard!


It happens at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, Glens Falls, from 7 to 8 pm. Tea, coffee and confections are served. Free.


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