GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC Project (Jan 8, 2020): The Birth of Piano

Happy NEW YEAR and welcome to the first GERM session of 2020! We meet TONIGHT (Wednesday, January 8) from 7 to 8 pm at the LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Avenue, Glens Falls.


The GERM project is a weekly gathering of music lovers for one hour of LP record listening; we hear, week by week, music of every type from the GOLDEN ERA, 1948 to 1988. This forty year span encompassed an astonishing flowering of musical  culture from every part of the planet. Jazz, Classical, Popular, Folk, Ethnic, Rock, Opera . . . everything is heard!


We marvel over the  perfection of the analog recording system that was created by Thomas Edison in 1878. The stunning realism of these GOLDEN ERA records has not been equalled by the modern replacement technology, and we enjoy the luxury of hearing them played with the greatest care.


Tonight's session for the beginning of the year will celebrate another birth: the piano around 1700. We will hear recordings of some of the very first pianos, crafted in Vienna and Italy, that have been either lovingly restored or recreated in modern fabrication. Jorg Demus, Malcolm Bilson and Paul Badura-Skoda are the keyboard wizards who know how to make the unique nature of these early instruments come to life. Join us as we marvel!


See you at 7 pm; cookies, coffee and tea are served.


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