GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC Project (Jan 15, 2020): Make Room for Stereo!

Our GERM project continues today, Wednesday Jan 15, 7-8 pm at the LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, Glens Falls. Each week we explore another facet of that stunning gem, the LP record during its 40 year history on Planet Earth.


When stereophonic sound entered the home in the mid/late 1950s, people literally had to make room for it.  If you already owned a "hi-fi" system and wanted to modernize to stereo, you had to move furniture to make room for a second speaker system, a second amplifier and a second pre-amplifier.  You had to make room for stereo!  But, before you made that commitment to upgrade, you had to be convinced that stereo was worth it.  The job of the record companies, therefore, was not only to convince you of its worth, but to explain what stereophonic sound was in the first place!  The way they did that was with stereophonic demonstration records.  Those records ranged from genuinely goofy, through interesting, to musically insightful.  In this week's GERM program, guest presenter Steve Sullivan spins a sampling of those stereo primers, as we "Make Room for Stereo."


Your parents were the actors in this domestic drama, while we listened, spellbound, to the music! Coffee, tea and cookies; free.


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