GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC Project (Jan 22, 2020): Wynton Marsalis

Today's GERM show will present a LATE ANALOG (1986) LP by jazz great Wynton Marsalis, "THE MAJESTY OF THE BLUES." Wynton and his sextet will take us on a ride through his jazz extensions of a musical style that sprang from the Mississippi Delta .  .  .  . the BLUES. These amazing sounds start in the tradition of the New Orleans Funeral Procession and end in pure unbuttoned joy. Along the way on this joyful ride, we will hear Wynton's forbearers: Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band, and  Ray Brown with Duke Ellington in a stunning bass solo.


AND A SPECIAL TREAT: After Steve Sullivan's delightful MAKE ROOM FOR STEREO evening last week, I retrieved my vintage 1958 ZENITH STEREO amplifier and now have it operating. If time permits, we will hear a bit of the show through these 62 year old ORIGINAL electronics! WOW!


It all happens at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, GF, from 7 to 8 pm. Tonight (Wednesday), Jan 22. Refreshments, free.

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