GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC Project (Feb 5, 2020): The Grateful Dead, Part 1

The span of years from 1948 and the birth of the LP record to 1988 and its "official" death was the GOLDEN ERA. We are still discovering new and amazing inventions of musical culture from this epoch . . . and the end is not in sight. Our Golden Era Recorded Music project is exploring this entire world of musical beauty, week by week, and tonight we are presenting the first of two hour-long programs on the GRATEFUL DEAD. Guest presenter and avid follower of the band RON CURTIS will play music from the early LP vinyl albums. The GRATEFUL DEAD was their first, followed by  ANTHEM OF THE SUN, AOXOMOXOA, LIVE DEAD, WORKING MAN'S DEAD, and AMERICAN DEAD.


You can hear the stunning early vinyl history of this unique San Francisco based group TONIGHT at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, GF, from 7 to 8 pm. Coffee, tea and scrumptious comestibles will be served. Free.


You can also see first-hand our array of 9 speakers, designed, fabricated and shipped world-wide right here in Glens Falls. And we will listen to the DEAD on our very best, the Model 3a. If you have never heard music played on a GREAT analog system, you are in for a revelation.

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