GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC PROJECT (Feb 12, 2020): The Girl of the Golden West

Our GERM project continues this evening (Wed, February 12) with our second "Opera in an Hour" show. Tonight it is THE GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST by Giacomo Puccini. Premiered at New York's Metropolitan Opera in 1910, this fascinating score has some of Puccini's  most glittering, harmonically daring and richly scored music. And it might even be termed the first "Spaghetti Western!" Set in an 1850 California mining town, Act 1 is centered around Gold Rush miners who gather at the saloon to share whiskey, cigars and cards. The vocal writing for this all-male ensemble is luscious.

The "Polka" saloon is owned by Minnie (Renata Tebaldi) who makes a late entrance to keep the peace with her trusty rifle. She moves through Acts 2 & 3 into a love affair that will amaze you. And it's all in Italian! The 1958 stereo LONDON vinyl is perfectly recorded and a continual delight for the ear.

It all happens from 7 to 8 pm TONIGHT at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, GF. Gems of the baker's art, coffee and tea are served. Free.