GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC PROJECT (Feb 26, 2020): What Makes a Great Conductor?

Our GERM project continues on WEDNESDAY, Feb. 26, from 7 to 8 pm at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, GF. Every week, we explore an aspect of the enormously rich recorded music culture from 1948 to 1988. This was the era of the ANALOG LP RECORD and the Earth's astonishingly rich and varied musical culture was captured beautifully by this supreme recording technology.  Western Classical, Balinese Gamelan, American Pop Styles, Jazz, Indian Ragas... WE PLAY IT ALL on LP!


This week we try to answer a commonly asked question: WHAT MAKES A GOOD CONDUCTOR?


That answer is fairly simple.  What makes a great conductor?  That's not so simple. Guest presenter Steve Sullivan looks at 3 very different conductors, 2 of which are nearly opposites.  How can they be opposite and still great?  Join Steve as he demonstrates how these 3 conductors have inspired generations of musicians and listeners.  You may end up agreeing that his 3rd choice created the greatest orchestra ever recorded.  




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