GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC PROJECT (Mar 4, 2020): Mahler Fra Diablo

Tonight (Wednesday, March 4) the Golden Era Recorded Music project at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, GF, will present "MAHLER FRA DIABLO," a 1 hour exploration of the least known and least understood symphony by this fascinating and radical composer. Composed in 1904-05, the SEVENTH SYMPHONY was premiered in 1908 and the noted conductor OTTO KLEMPERER (a young musician just at the beginning of his remarkable career) was an assistant to Mahler himself at rehearsals. Over 50 years later Klemperer was the conductor in a stunning stereo LP recording that stands alone among the competition for its many unique insights into the SEVENTH SYMPHONY.


Before hearing the music, I will be playing a few minutes of recorded recollections by musicians of the PHILHARMONIC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA of NEW YORK who actually knew and played under Mahler as conductor of the orchestra ca 1909-1911. This will provide a unique insight into the man who BRUNO WALTER, at age 82, called "The greatest performing musician I have ever heard, without any exception."


Oh, why "FRA DIABLO?" This phrase refers to a medieval Italian cleric and patriot who heroically led resistance to foreign invaders; he was reputed to be devoted both to the power of God and Satan. Mahler himself has written that the highest creative principle is the demonic, combining the powers of light and darkness. OTTO KLEMPERER understands, and we will hear his musical results.


Coffee, tea, cocoa and comestibles. We gather together from 7 to 8 pm.

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