GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC PROJECT (Mar 11, 2020): Contextualizing Film Scores

With special guest host Steve Sullivan!


Says Steve about this week's program:


Some folks tell me, "I never listen to classical music." But, when I ask about film scores of favorite movies, they often swoon, "Oh, I love that music!"


"Well," I tell them, "that's classical music."


"Really?" they say. Yes, really. And, make no mistake--it's not like classical music. It is classical music, written by classical composers for 19th-century classical orchestras.


This week, we'll take lots of puzzle pieces to put together music from the movies. You may be surprised at where things come from and where they go. And, you'll be putting the pieces together with me, as we're "Contextualizing Film Scores."


It happens at THE LISTENING PLACE, 21 Thomson Ave, GF, from 7-8 pm, on WEDNESDAY (tomorrow), March 11. Refreshments, free.

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