GERM on ZOOM (Nov 18, 2020)

Tonight's Golden Era Recorded Music program will feature rare LPs generously donated to the PROJECT by a couple from ALBANY. (Thank you, Thank you!)


We will hear first from A STREET CORNER SYMPHONY, by a totally a capella 8 male voice group, the PERSUASIONS. URUBAMBA, a South American group, will next play melodies from the HIGH ANDES on museum collection native instruments.


A new part of the world for the GERM project is heard in a folk instrument & vocal LP from HUNGARY, a GIRL'S RINGING DANCE & a SWINEHERD'S DANCE.


We will play the vocal sections from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM by MENDELSSOHN and then a sampling of HARRY PARTCH'S completely original music. Nothing else is like it!


The FINALE is an astonishing performance of a light classic potboiler that will leave you breathless. The great VAN BEINUM on the podium, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR overture never sounded this great!


We send out a link for the Zoom meeting every Wednesday by email! Please contact us and let us know if you'd like to be added to the mailing list.


See you all at 7 pm TONIGHT!

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