GERM on ZOOM (Nov 25, 2020)

Tonight's Golden Era Recorded Music program will open with the traditional and refined JAPANESE BAMBOO flute, the SHAKUHACHI, and we will compare it with the HOTCHIKU bamboo flute that we heard a few weeks ago: HOTCHIKU is made from untreated bamboo and is much less refined than SHAKUHACHI.


A trio of off-beat AMERICAN POP tunes from BILLY VAUGHN, CAPTAIN & TENNILLE and ELLA FITZGERALD will follow.


The great guitar duo of JULIAN BREAM & JOHN WILLIAMS will perform a transcription of a famous orchestral piece, RAVEL'S Pavane.


EIGHT HITCHIKER TRANSCRIPTIONS by HARRY PARTCH will take us to a new and unique world of sound, on instruments designed and built by Harry himself. Hear this and marvel!


What is the GREATEST RECORDED JAZZ PERFORMANCE of all time? This one consistently wins the vote by top jazz critics. It's from 1925 and it will blow you away!


We send out a link for the Zoom meeting every Wednesday by email! Please contact us and let us know if you'd like to be added to the mailing list.


See you all at 7 pm TONIGHT!

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