GERM on ZOOM: Feb 17, 2021

Join us at our Golden Era Recorded Music Project as we explore music LIVE ON LP RECORDS From the great ANALOG SPAN, 1948-1988.


We begin tonight with last week's unplayed orphans; an on-site recording of pre-Columbian MUSIC OF THE HIGH ANDES and a studio recording with the same ancient flutes and a remarkably similar emotional feeling. 


BUFFALO SOLDIERS was the unofficial title for the ALL BLACK infantry regiments formed just after the CIVIL WAR. Hear the PERSUASIONS sing the song about them with total authority.


From DUKE ELLINGTON'S “PIANO in the BACKGROUND” album (ca. 1961) a never before played BILLY STRAYHORN composition will happen, along with the most electric

TAKE THE A TRAIN on vinyl!


The MAERZENDORFER-DORATI joust continues with the TRUE MARIA THERESA symphony, according to H. C. R. L.


WOODY HERMAN teams with TITO PUENTE to finish!


We send out a link for the Zoom meeting every Wednesday by email! Please contact us and let us know if you'd like to be added to the mailing list.


See you all at 7 pm TONIGHT!

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