GERM on Zoom: Dec 15, 2021

Happy Holidays to all! Tonight at the Golden Era Recorded Music Project, we celebrate with a program of MUSIC BOXES and a glittering, sumptuous suite by STRAUSS!


But first we will hear the never-fail combination of MASON-FIEDLER and the BOSTON POPS in a seasonal favorite sure to tug at your heart.


The RITA FORD collection of 19th century MUSIC BOXES in NEW YORK CITY is world renowned and we will hear seasonal music played on a sequence of these fabulous machines from the 18th century and culminating with the

magnificent OLYMPIA and REGINA boxes of the late 19th century.


We will end with an extended ORCHESTRAL SUITE from the opera WOMAN WITHOUT A SHADOW by that great wizard of the orchestra, RICHARD STRAUSS.


Time allowing, we will finish with a TCAIKOVSKY-ELLINGTON-STRAYHORN GEM.


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