GERM on Zoom: Jan 26, 2022

Join us tonight at 7 PM on Zoom for the GOLDEN ERA RECORDED MUSIC PROJECT, our ceaseless JOURNEY OF AMAZEMENT into the vast vaults of ANALOG LP RECORDING from 1948 to 1988!

I have come across an amazing LP of EARLY DAVE BRUBECK in concert at one of the foremost CLASSICAL musical conservatories in America: OBERLIN COLLEGE. His quartet is on fire, the crowd is ecstatic and we will hear side one in 1953 STEREO!

A FIBHORN speaker customer recently introduced me to the 1970's rock group LITTLE FEAT. Let's listen to a bit of WAITING for COLUMBUS and marvel.

ALAN HOHVANESS is perhaps the most neglected of AMERICAN composers and yet the most recorded on off-beat classical record labels. We will hear his very original SYMPHONY 15, the SILVER PILGRIMAGE.

The American group OREGON is truly beyond category: not ROCK, not JAZZ, not CLASSICAL. Listen and decide!

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