The Fibhorn Model 2

Model 2

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After completing the design of our Model 3, the highest performance FIBHORN, cost-no-object, we went to the opposite extreme: design an under $200 pair that would retain as much of the musical accuracy of the Model 3 as possible. The Model 2 is the result. You will be delighted with the realism of this petite pair, on your desk-top or shelf-installed in a small room.


The Model 2 retains the same 3 part Radical Minimalist Design philosophy as our flagship Model 3: 


  • FULL FIBONACCI PROPORTIONED horn cabinet (with 2 chambers).
  • PATENTED EnABL distortion lowering system applied around the front vent.


AND you have your choice of 6 colors for our unique FIBHORN graphic look: BEE YELLOW (shown), RAGE RED, OCEAN BLUE, KERMIT GREEN, FAIRY PINK or STEALTH SILVER. Pick your favorite!


The sound from our Model 2 on your DESKTOP or in a SMALL ROOM is far beyond that from all the powered speakers and old-fashion multi driver systems from the big-name manufacturers. BUT you will need suitable amplification to realize this sonic potential. Please see our set-up page for ordering one of the recommended amplifiers.



  • SIZE: 4.25"w x 6.25"d x 12"h
  • WEIGHT: 4.8 lbs each
  • MATERIAL: .5" MDF, painted
  • DRIVER: TANG BAND  W3-1053SC (3")
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 18,000 hz
  • SENSITIVITY: 85 db
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm



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Model 2a

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The Model 2a is a “hot rod” version of our little Model 2. It has the identical small footprint for desktop or small room installation, but it is taller with an expanded 3-part Fibonacci horn to give you more musical detail. A new 3.5” PEERLESS driver produces a deep bass response that will cause listeners to ask “Where's the subwoofer?”


Like all FIBHORN speakers, the Model 2a has the patented EnABL distortion lowering system applied around the front panel vent. We have a staff artist paint a lovely summer sky behind the vent for your viewing pleasure. The new PEERLESS 3.5” driver is surrounded by our colorful SOLAR FLARE artwork. There is nothing like a FIBHORN Model 2a pair on your desktop!


The performance of the Model 2a is far ahead of all other desktop and small room speakers, but you must use first-class amplification to realize its full potential. Please see our set-up page for more guidance. 



  • SIZE: 4.25"w x 6.25"d x 14.25"h
  • WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs each
  • MATERIAL: .5" MDF, painted
  • CONNECTION: Audiophile gold knurled post, banana accepting
  • DRIVER: PEERLESS 3.5" paper cone, oversize ferrite magnet
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 39-20,000 hz
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • POWER HANDLING: 15 watts, 30 watts peak



SHIPPING: FREE within the continental US

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