The Fibhorn Model 9

Model 9

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The FIBHORN Model 9 is a very high-quality floor-standing design, with performance just a shade lower than our flagship Model 3 at around half the cost.


The appearance is unique, with a hand-selected SPALTED MAPLE front panel (lacquered), a dedicated vibration absorbing stand and a RICH IRIDESCENT GOLD application of the EnABL distortion lowering system.


With suitable amplification, the performance is stunning! A huge sound field potential between the speakers, with exquisite definition & detail. Deep bass (below 40 Hz) with excellent color definition. Gorgeous liquid mid-range tones.


Only our Model 3 can top it.




  • SIZE: 10.75" w x 7.75" d x 33.5" h
  • WEIGHT: 29 lb each speaker (33 lbs in box; 2 boxes); stands: 13 lbs in one box
  • MATERIAL: MDF (.5" & .75"), 5 sides and interior; 1" Spalted Maple front panel
  • FINISH: Brushed Deep Galaxy Indigo (5 sides); clear satin sealer on all 6 surfaces
  • CONNECTIVITY: Gold plate knurled posts, banana accepting
  • SENSITIVITY: 96 db driver; 99 db in cabinet
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • BASS RESPONSE: faint response at 33 hz, -3 db at 35 hz, full response at 38 hz (measured by the NORDOEST SYSTEM)
  • EnABL SYSTEM: Full EnABL applied around driver and vent




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