The Fibhorn Model 2b

Model 2b

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New and improved version now available! Updated pictures coming soon. 


The Model 2b FIBHORN will astonish you with its effortless realism, spatial delineation of the music in the original performance space and substantial bass response. And all this happens with the same 3.5" driver as in our Model 2.

Our Model 2b is, we believe, the world's best under $400 speaker pair. The cabinet is a perfect cube that incorporates the same initial compression chamber as our Model 2 AND has a larger 2-part Fibonacci expanding horn for the driver backwave.


We have applied a basic version of the U.S. Patented EnABL process to the driver cones and the cabinet for clear articulation of all the delicate spatial information. AND we include our 3-point ISOLATION SPIKES for minimizing sound-blurring micro vibrations. All of these details work together to give your compact audio system a "clear window on the music."


Please see our SET-UP LINK for 3 suggested amplifiers, starting at $150.00.



  • SIZE: 9.5" w x 9.5" h x 9.5" d
  • WEIGHT: 6.5 lbs each
  • MATERIAL: .5" MDF, internal 3-chamber Fibonacci horn
  • DRIVER: PEERLESS 3.5" w treated paper cone
  • EnABL PROCESS: Basic cone application, around horn vent
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 42-20,000 hz
  • SENSITIVITY: 88 db
  • WIRE TERMINAL: gold-knurled banana posts
  • SHIPPING BOX: 11" x 12" x 24"



SHIPPING: $75.00

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