The Fibhorn Model 7

Model 7

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The FIBHORN Model 7 is a more compact version of our best speaker, the Model 3a. It features a 2-section “tower” design that can be installed in narrow spaces, without serious acoustic compromise because of its height. Like the Model 3a, it has 6 internal chambers for extracting the maximum musical detail from either of the available drivers.


Do not fear for lack of bass response because of the 4” drivers we use in the Model 7; with the TANG BAND driver, real substantial response starts at below 40 hz! This is actually lower than our Model 3a!


As with all FIBHORN SPEAKERS, we use a single full-range driver for perfect seam-free frequency response. The natural in-your-room presence of the musicians performing your best recordings will amaze and delight you. Both the TANG BAND and the FOSTEX drivers are superb units. We offer the FOSTEX to provide single-end tube amplifier owners the maximum sensitivity: 96 db.


The U.S. Patented EnABL process is used on both driver and cabinet for eliminating standing wave distortion. This liberates the music from the confines of the speaker boxes, giving you “wall-to-wall” sound.


The Model 7 pair is shipped in 2 containers, each 18” x 18” x 24.”


We GUARANTEE your satisfaction with the performance. If you want to return them for any reason, you may do so within 14 days. You pay only for shipping charges.




  • DIMENSIONS: 36.25"H x 7.5"W x 10.5"D
  • WEIGHT: 27.3lbs each, 54.6 lbs/pair
  • CONSTRUCTION: A 2-part tower design, 5 progressively expanding Fibonacci sequenced horn chambers following an initial back-wave compression chamber.
  • FINISH: DEEP GALAXY INDIGO, brushed, satin clear coat. Oiled Walnut trim.
  • EnABL PROCESS: Applied to driver cones, driver mounting plate and around front panel vent.
  • INTERNAL WIRE: 13 ga hi-purity copper, silver plated, multi-strand.
  • TERMINAL: 5-way gold plate banana lugs.
  • DRIVER: TANG BAND W4-1320SJF (4") or FOSTEX FE126En (4.5)
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • SENSITIVITY: 92 db total system (TANG BAND); 96 db total system (FOSTEX)
  • BASS RESPONSE: TANG BAND starts at 33 hz, -3 db at 36 hz; FOSTEX starts at 37 hz, -3 db at 40 hz (NORDOST BASS CALIBRATION system)




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