The Fibhorn Model 3

Model 3

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The Model 3 is the best speaker we make; at 85 lbs per cabinet, it is also the largest and heaviest. This third version of our flagship model features a new very high performance 8” driver by AUDIO NIRVANA, an improved configuration of the six Fibonacci horn chambers and subtle visual refinements. It can be an extraordinary device at your service to reveal more of the astonishing details of classic LP records and high res digital sources.




Our RADICAL MINIMALIST DESIGN philosophy is most perfectly realized with our Model 3:


  • A 6-CHAMBER FIBONACCI SEQUENCED horn for the driver back wave
  • The patented EnABL DISTORTION REDUCTION SYSTEM on final vents and drivers


Please see our About page for more detailed technical information on the design of the Fibhorn.




The AUDIO NIRVANA 8” neodymium magnet driver is available in two configurations: with or without the “whizzer” cone in the center of the 8” driver. The sound quality of each version is identical, but the whizzer cone is effective in providing greater dispersion for a wide seating array more than 16' back from the 2 speakers. If you have a narrower array closer than 16,' the driver without the whizzer cone will create a better sound stage.


Please contact us if you need further discussion on this important detail.




We have taken many steps in creating the visual appearance of our Model 3 to provide you with a very special object to contemplate while listening. The body of the cabinet is finished with multiple coats of DEEP GALAXY INDIGO, chromatically complementary to the unique color of the oiled walnut trim. The driver and vent are EnABLed with RICH IRRIDESCENT GOLD and the driver is mounted on a DISTANT HILLS BLUE baffle board with solid BRASS SCREWS. No other speaker looks like the FIBHORN Model 3.




  • SIZE: 11.5"w x 37"h x 18"d
  • WEIGHT: 85 lbs each
  • MATERIAL: .75" MDF (box), .5" MDF (internal chambers)
  • CONNECTION: gold knurled posts, banana accepting
  • DRIVER: AUDIO NIRVANA "Classic 8" neodymium or "Super 8" neodymium, fully EnABLed
  • SENSITIVITY: 97 db, driver free air ; 100 db, driver in cabinet
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 32-19,500 hz.





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