The Fibhorn Model 4b

Model 4b

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Our Model 4b is the best speaker we make for under $1000/pair. We believe you will search the entire planet in vain for a similarly priced pair that will play your music with the same degree of elegant realism.


The 4b offers you a step up in performance from our superb Model 8; it has a 4 chamber Fibonacci horn (the Model 8 has 3) for a more detailed articulation of the driver back wave. It employs a 4.5" FOSTEX driver (the Model 8 driver is 4") and it has additional vibration suppressing mass. This speaker fits comfortably on 14" high shelves or it can be floor mounted on 16" to 24" high stands. (coming soon: our 20" SAND TRAP stands.)


The totally original appearance of the speaker front panel features an extensive application of the EnABL Standing Wave reduction system. You will hear astonishing dimension, depth and realism from your Moidel 4b pair because of this  U. S. Patented invention, even with bookshelf installation. It is visible in the photos as a dash pattern applied in various places on the front panel.


Our FIBHORN SPIKES, easily tapped into 3 holes on the bottom of each cabinet, contribute further performance enhancement.


A pair of our FIBHORN Model 4b speakers will bring out the maximum sonic potential from the finest electronics, turntables and signal sources, digital or analog. You will be amazed.


Our standard 14 day return policy applies to the Model 4b.



  • SIZE: 10.5"w x 12.75"h x 8.5"d
  • WEIGHT: 19 lbs ea
  • MATERIAL: entire cabinet is .5" MDF, internal chambers add structural rigidity; front panel is .75." MDF.
  • FINISH: brushed black satin enamel w/ clear coat on 5 sides, brushed FOSTEX CREAM front panel.
  • SENSITIVITY: 96 db (total system)
  • BASS RESPONSE: -3 db at 35 hz, full response at 39 hz
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 39-20,000 hz
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • CONNECTIVITY: gold knurled banana plug accepting




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