The Fibhorn Model 6a

Model 6a

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The Model 6a offers you a performance increase over all of our Model 2 desk top and small room speakers. The bass is deeper and more articulate, the sensitivity is greater and it will work well in medium to large rooms. It is a vertical design that can be installed directly on floors or on shelves, either upright (with 22" clearance) or horizontally (with 6" clearance)


The 4” driver in the 6a may not seem that much larger than the 3” drivers in our Model 2 series, but it has almost twice the sound radiating surface; it can move more air with the same power input. Combining the superb FOSTEX FE103En driver with our total Fibonacci 3 chamber horn cabinet PLUS the patented EnABL distortion lowering system around the vent creates a speaker of uncanny realism.


(A fully EnABLed FOSTEX FE126En driver upgrade is available for $200.00. The performance increase with this extra expense is notable: deeper, more articulate bass, "wall-to-wall" soundstage and more detail throughout the sonic spectrum. This is the same driver that we use in our Model 6aEn, the optimal floor-standing version of the 6a.)


Your high-level music listening with the Model 6a is complemented by the visual treat for your eyes from the speakers’ unique appearance.



  • SIZE: 5.5”w x 19.125”h x 8.25”d
  • WEIGHT: 11.5 lbs each
  • MATERIAL: .5” MDF with brushed black satin finish, "Fostex Ivory" front panel, and black driver ring.
  • INNER CONSTRUCTION: 3 Fibonacci calibrated chambers, multiple walls create cabinet bracing
  • UPGRADE OPTION: FOSTEX FE126En w full EnABL treatment (at additional cost)
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 38-22,000 hz
  • TOTAL SYSTEM SENSITIVITY: 92 db (96 db w/optional FE126En driver)
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms
  • CONNECTION: Audiophile banana plug accepting
  • EnABL SYSTEM: Applied around vent only (Full driver treatment included with driver upgrade)



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