The Fibhorn Model 8

Model 8

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Our FIBHORN Model 8 has performance that is a step up from our economical Models 2 and 6a. You will hear more stage depth and width, greater detail in the music and deeper bass response. It is perfectly suited to shelf or counter installation. Floor installation is possible with our optional Model 8 stands.


The unique design appearance, with a chamfered driver mounting disc enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of each cabinet for smooth, distortion-free listening. The Model 8 is the least costly FIBHORN with FULL EnABL treatment. This U. S. Patented process eliminates standing wave distortion from the speaker as it plays your music. The effect is a level of realism and clarity you have never heard before.


The MARKAUDIO 3.5” driver is the best under 4” unit we have ever heard. Its exceptionally long cone excursion literally pumps out astonishing bass response, beginning below 40 hz and in full power at 43 hz. Mid-range and treble response is also beautifully handled by this amazing full-range driver.


You will have 14 days to evaluate your FIBHORN Model 8 pair and you may return them for any reason in that time period. You pay only for shipping.




  • DIMENSIONS: 21"H x 8.25"W x 5.75"D
  • WEIGHT: 14 lbs ea, 28 lbs the pair
  • INTERNAL: Initial compression chamber vented to two Fibonacci-sequenced horn chambers.
  • CONSTRUCTION: .5" & .75" MDF, Driver mounting ring is .75" chamfered. 
  • FINISH: Brushed black satin body, DEEP GALAXY INDIGO front panel. Clear satin protective coat.
  • IMPEDANCE: 6 ohm
  • DRIVER: 3.5" MARKAUDIO Alpair 6
  • SENSITIVITY: 88 db, total system
  • BASS RESPONSE: -3 db at 36 hz, full response at 39 hz (NORDOST CALIBRATION SYSTEM)
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 42-25,00 hz




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