The Fibhorn Model 8

Model 8

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This model has been discontinued. Please see our other models!


Our Model 8, with its unique cabinet shape, advances the potential for musical realism from your records a notch or two over our Model 6b. The "Sound Stage" of instruments and voices is more securely focused, and the bass is more accurately placed in the total ensemble.


The Model 8 is suitable for countertop or widely-spaced-shelf installation. Floor mounting is possible with 6"-12" stands. (Contact us for information about our SAND TRAP STANDS.)


The unique design appearance, with a chamfered driver mounting disc enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of each cabinet for smooth, distortion-free listening. The Model 8 is the least costly FIBHORN with FULL EnABL treatment. This U.S. patented process eliminates standing wave distortion from the speaker as it plays your music. The effect is a level of realism and clarity you have never heard before.


The full-range driver is the legendary FOSTEX FE103En. Introduced over 50 years ago, this 4" fibre cone unit has undergone numerous performance-enhancing improvements over the years. We coax every last bit of music reproduction potential from it when mounted in the Fibonacci-sequenced horn cabinet of our Model 8.


The FIBHORN SPEAKER SPIKE SYSTEM is included; simply tap the 3 spikes into the pre-drilled holes on the bottom of each cabinet and you will immediately hear another advance in the realism of your recorded music.




  • DIMENSIONS: 21"H x 8.25"W x 5.75"D
  • WEIGHT: 14 lbs ea, 28 lbs the pair
  • INTERNAL: Initial compression chamber vented to two Fibonacci-sequenced horn chambers.
  • CONSTRUCTION: .5" & .75" MDF, Driver mounting ring is .75" chamfered. 
  • FINISH: Brushed black satin body, DEEP GALAXY INDIGO front panel. Clear satin protective coat.
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohm
  • SENSITIVITY: 92 db, total system
  • BASS RESPONSE: -3 db at 36 hz, full response at 42 hz (measured by the NORDOST CALIBRATION SYSTEM)
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 42-25,00 hz




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